Windows Hello and Microsoft Authenticator

By | 16.05.2024

Faced a problem when Windows 11 was set up using Windows Hello and Microsoft Authenticator, it is impossible to connect to this computer using “Remote Desktop” or RDP. When connecting to such a computer, it constantly gives either an error or “incorrect password”.

Yes, of course, there is an option to create another user on Windows, add them to the “remote desktop users” group, and in that case, the connection will be successful.

But I found a solution (although the official Microsoft website provided some nonsense as usual). I thought about why it is possible to connect to a “local” user but not with authentication, so the solution suggested itself:

In the “Windows Settings” menu, find user management and select “Sign in with a local account instead.” After that, you will be prompted to create a password (this password will be temporary) and a “local” username (this name will be needed for RDP). It might be worth rebooting Windows after this and going back into user settings – and this time logging into your Windows account again. You will be prompted several times to enter first the password for the Windows account and then the local (temporary) account – after this, Remote Desktop should work correctly. There can be many different errors with Remote Desktop related to network issues, but this note specifically addresses the problem related to Microsoft Authenticator and RDP.

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