Mac Mini with the M1 chip

By | 16.05.2024

I recently purchased a Mac Mini with the M1 chip, and I am thoroughly impressed by the combination of silence and power offered by Apple’s new silicon platform. The performance is outstanding, with applications running smoothly and quickly, and the system is remarkably quiet, even under load. This experience has convinced me to switch from Windows to macOS.

However, transitioning to a new operating system means I need to find alternatives for some of the software I used on Windows. One of the key utilities I need is a good replacement for the Alt-Tab functionality, which is essential for my workflow. After some research, I found several promising alternatives like Contexts and AltTab, which bring similar window-switching capabilities to macOS.

Additionally, I rely on utilities for the Magic Mouse to customize gestures and improve my productivity. Apps like BetterTouchTool and MagicPrefs have proven to be excellent tools for enhancing the functionality of the Magic Mouse, allowing me to set up custom gestures and actions that match my needs.

Another crucial aspect of my setup is finding an efficient file management tool similar to Total Commander on Windows. I discovered ForkLift and Commander One, which offer powerful file management features tailored for macOS.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of the M1 Mac Mini make the search for software alternatives worthwhile. The seamless performance, energy efficiency, and near-silent operation have truly set a new standard for desktop computing. The battery life on my Mac Mini is also impressive, allowing me to work for extended periods without worrying about recharging frequently.

Moreover, the integration with the Apple ecosystem has been a significant advantage. Features like Handoff, Universal Clipboard, and the ability to use my iPad as a secondary display with Sidecar have greatly enhanced my productivity and user experience.

Overall, switching to the Mac Mini M1 has been a positive change, and I’m excited to continue exploring all that macOS has to offer. With the right software and tools, I’m confident that this new setup will significantly enhance my workflow and computing experience.

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