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Kolibri OS is an operating system created by Ukrainian programmer Georgiy Shuvalov. It was developed using the programming language C++, and its main task is to accelerate the launch and execution of programs.

Colibri OS was started to be developed in 2004. The main goal was to create an operating system that would work on different computers, including old ones, while maintaining high speed. From the initial version released in 2006 to the current version, many improvements have been made and new features have been added.


Colibri OS has several unique features that make it different from other operating systems:

Speed. Colibri OS works very quickly thanks to the optimization of its code and the use of a minimal amount of resources.
Small size. The size of the operating system is very small, which allows it to be launched from a flash drive or CD.
Open source. Colibri OS is an open-source project, which allows developers to help improve the system.
Minimal number of programs. The operating system contains a minimal number of programs, which allows for increased speed and reduced resource usage.
Expansion. There is the ability to add additional programs and features through Colibri Package Manager.


Colibri is a fairly new operating system with its own unique design that can become an excellent alternative to well-known operating systems.

The Colibri interface is characterized by its minimalism and simplicity. By default, only a few icons are located on the desktop, allowing users to quickly navigate the system. The start menu contains only necessary programs and settings. If desired, the user can add their own shortcuts and tabs.

The applications included in Colibri are the Leafpad text editor, a video and audio player with a built-in playlist, the KolourPaint image editor, the Xarchiver archiver, the Midori browser, a terminal with tab support, and others. The presence of a package manager and the ability to install additional programs directly from the Internet is very convenient.


Installing Colibri is extremely easy. We download the operating system ISO image, write it to a flash drive using a special program such as Rufus, and install the system from the flash drive.

The Colibri operating system is built on the MenuetOS kernel and differs from most other operating systems on the market. It does not support standard Linux packages, so you need to use special applications that are available in the Colibri app store.

Open the Colibri app store. This can be done by clicking on the “App Store” icon on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen.
In the search bar, enter the name of the application you want to download. For example, if you need an SSH client, enter “ssh client”.
When you find the application, click on it. You will see a page with a description of the application and an “Install” button. Click the “Install” button to start downloading and installing the application.
After the application is downloaded and installed, it will be available in the “Applications” menu on the taskbar.
If you need an FTP client, repeat these steps, enter “ftp client” in the search bar and select the application you need.
Note that some applications may require additional settings or configuration to work properly. If you have problems installing or using applications, refer to the application documentation or Colibri forums, where you can find support from other users.

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